Don't Hide What You Are Doing!

Mar 26, 2024

Get That First Client!  


Tell everyone in your network that you are in business to help them. Don’t be shy, don’t worry about being judged, don’t worry about the negative feedback you MIGHT get. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, businesses you frequent, anyone and everyone you can tell about your business.

Ask people what they do for a living. Listen to them.  They should logically ask you what you do as a follow up…door open!

Develop a short elevator pitch that is heavy with client benefits in your voice. Keep track of every prospect and start building your marketing database. Keep working your list over time until they tell you to stop. Don’t be a pest but don’t give up either.

You have to assess your strengths and what strategies work best for you. If something seems like it will work, give it a try. Find something that you think you feel comfortable with and just start. Track your results and keep doing what works.  You are on the road to your first (or second) client!


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